About Me.

About me, about this blog. What does Define Success mean?

Everyone seems to have forged their own path to personal success. For some it could be becoming physically fit… or providing home based education for their children… or establishing a successful business. It could be as simple as ending dependence upon hair color and going natural, eating natural food, living off-grid, or running a company that facilitates sustainable living.

Defining Success covers every aspect of life and this blog primarily focuses on profiles of incredibly inspiring people. My goal is to inform and entertain, possibly enlighten. I welcome your feedback – please email me and I’ll be sure to reply.

As for me, my life is a variety pack! A little of this, a little of that, just like my favorite Girl Scout badge: Dabbler. For a peek at my passion for making a daily necessity exciting, here’s a little more about me…

Ever cook up radish greens? No? You’re missing out on deliciousness! Photo Credit: ©2014 Debbie Nelson. All rights reserved.

Foodie. Foodier. Foodiest. For the love of fresh food from the Farmers’ Market.

When I’m happy, I can often be found dancing in the kitchen, music cranked up. Cooking is one of the most fulfilling creative outlets. One of my favorite books on my shelf is The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook. I love reading about each inn and trying the recipes. Coming up with recipes of my own is great fun, especially trying different kinds of greens or developing delicious muffin mix-ins.

Years ago, I published a fundraising cookbook of recipes collected from contributors worldwide. Funds were raised for organ transplant awareness, on behalf of  renown reptile expert, Robert Hughes.

Plans are in the works to publish a second edition of the cookbook. “If Life’s a Bowl Of Cherries, What’ll I Do with All These Lemons” features lemon-themed recipes and  donated cover art by celebrated artist Marlene London. Stay tuned!



Keep Smiling,



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