What’s IMC?

Integrated Marketing Communications – IMC – takes Social Media up a notch by weaving in all aspects of marketing, public relations, and promotions. Social Media is the center of attention. It’s a gold mine of current and future customers, just waiting to be networked with your business. Best of all – these platforms are free. What’s popular this week may be upstaged by something remarkable next week – this business is for the imaginative, the creative, the flexible, and yes, the patient.social-media

There’s a duality to Social Media – it’s  connecting with various publics utilizing multiple platforms, plus interesting, relevant, entertaining content from your business.


Who has time for that level of marketing? Someone who has a passion for research, had “talks too much” on every report card growing up, and loves to learn what makes people tick. This is multi-tasker heaven.

A successful Social Media manager notices trends, patterns, and makes suggestions to bring your presence into the Social Media world like a cotillion, or a coming out party. Message me on Facebook for IMC that will make your business turn heads.


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