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Teen Scientist wins $100k

Loft beds are a space-saving solution to any room. Floor space is freed up for all sorts of uses…like a science lab? Pictured in her home science lab, this young lady won a coveted prize. Successful decor, discovery, and deposit into her college fund!

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Tramp Safety

Facts About Trampoline Accidents.      by Tyler Nelson

Over 148,000 people in 2008 were injured, and in 2009, nearly 100,000 people were injured as well. Most of these have been due to a lack of a net around the trampoline. Even with a net around it, it is stillImage a dangerous thing to play on.

Trampolines are meant to be a “1 person at a time” thing. Having more than 1 person on it can be dangerous. How? The chances increase of them bumping each other off and causing an accident or serious injury.

Never leave a child unattended while on the trampoline because anything could happen. Even though the injuries have dropped over the years, the trampoline is still unsafe, with or without a safety net.

Recently I got on a trampoline with 3 other kids. We didn’t put up the net, but we did put up the springs cover. Thankfully no one got hurt.

Next time, I will follow the safety guidelines.

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You Are What You Drive… Really?

Here’s a cool little documentary by Harrod Blank – Automorphosis – which takes this concept to an entirely different level. These people are indeed what they drive, and they’ve thoroughly enjoyed making their automobile an extension of themselves. Here’s their Facebook: Automorphosis

If we are what we eat, then does it follow that we are what we drive?  That’s what makes luxury sports cars so appealing – half the time their sales people look like models. Appearance counts.025

Dropped off my car for service – really needed that oil change done. Truth be told – YES, I wanted that free interior clean out.  Instead, I spent the day talking to a few key people, asking me a few key questions.  What began as a simple oil change for a free vacuuming, turned into a shiny bright red brand new car that night. Your Social Media presence can change THAT quickly.

I used to drive a SUV, so being low to the road made me feel less commanding. However, the gas savings have far exceeded my expectations, so I’ve altered my perception from commanding to sporty – zipping here & there with ease.  Although budget does affect my choices, I have to admit, I am a lot like what I drive. Does your business give that appearance of success? Let’s make it happen!