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Lil’ Something for the Ladies…

It has to be said: I hate buying cars. Do you hate dealing with Social Media?

I’d REALLY like some feedback: How many other women out there feel the same? How many business owners or Sales Reps feel the same way about Social Media? It’s new and confuses a lot of people who would really benefit.

I saw the ins and outs of retail side of the automotive industry for 16 years. I recognize the steps to the sale & most of all, I know car guys really like to skip the sizzle & get to the steak. But I would like to keep a few dollars in my wallet so I can go grab a steak to throw on the grill to celebrate buying a new car.  Just like you want fantastic Social Media without breaking the bank. That’s where Define Success comes in – I can make it happen for you.

Here’s a great video from through dealerELITE.  How to Buy a Car  It features Lisa Copeland, sharing excellent tips directed to the ladies. Check it out… and don’t forget to leave me some feedback on my question!

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Manufacturer, Dealer, & Used, Oh My!

Uh oh…no roadside assistance? (Photo Source:

Why Certified Pre-owned instead of “used”? While buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is similar to buying any used car, there are significant differences you should be aware of before you go shopping.
First of all, you should know that not all certified used car programs are the same. Edmunds recommends buying a manufacturer-certified vehicle rather than a dealer-certified one.  Huh? This means staying away from the “local” dealer.  When a dealer certifies the used vehicle using their own backing, you are at their mercy when it comes to repairs.  And roadside assistance.

Is this about as clear as mud? Social Media seem that way too? Hang on… there’s more…

The manufacturer’s certified vehicle program is more reliable, can be used across the country, and won’t leave you stranded if your dealership shuts its doors. Vehicles that have been certified by the manufacturer go through more rigorous testing, and in many cases, offer similar benefits as those given to new car customers (e.g. roadside assistance, loaner vehicles, and super low APR’s). Just like Social Media – so many benefits to you and your business.

Here’s the kicker though –  be sure to compare all the certified programs out there. Not all are equal and not all have the same coverage or time restraints.  CONSIDER… the newer the vehicle the more remaining certification you will receive. For example, Ford offers a 48 month 100k power train warranty. This starts at the day the vehicle was very first sold. Therefore if a car is three years old, you’ve only got one year left.  Ohhhh…   A better bet would be a newer vehicle or a manufacturer with a longer warranty such as Hyundai’s 10 year 100k warranty. Be sure to compare prices, experience, and initiative when choosing a good Social Media company.

Whatever direction you decide to go, always do your research with a reputable site such as or The more you know the better the deal.

And remember…not all car dealers are scum. Some of the nicest, most honorable people I know are in the car business. Just interview them from the start, and leave if they’re not listening. Don’t waste your time or theirs. They work hard for their commission.