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Island Chicken atop Mustard Green-Garlic Rice

Island Chicken atop Mustard Green-Garlic Rice

Monday’s dinner began Sunday night. In a large ziploc bag, place 4 frozen boneless chicken breasts, contents of Weber’s Teriyaki marinade packet, and one can of pineapple juice. Seal & place in refrigerator overnight.

For tonight’s dinner, I cranked up Mood Booster playlist on Spotify & exercised my favorite way – dancing! Hey, it keeps cooking fun & it’s fun to be spontaneous. I got out my ingredients, then dialed down to toe-tapping to chop 1/4 medium onion, then resumed doing the twist while I sautéed the onion in a large skillet, with my fav new combo: olive oil with 1 T. salted butter.

I took each chicken breast out of the marinade, placed them in the skillet and danced a few more minutes before taking the chicken one at a time and slicing into medallion pieces, adding each back to the pan once sliced. I let them simmer on low while I cranked up the dancing a little.

In a large dutch oven, prepare rice of your preference, as much as you’d like. *Leftovers are outstanding in my Breakfast Fried Rice Scramble – recipe to follow.*

Added 3 – 4 gloves garlic to the pot of rice, smashed in my garlic press (fav new kitchen gadget!), then had to scale back on the dancing again to chop mustard greens. Added them to the rice pot, too. Cooked rice as directed.

Remembered I had a gift-sized jar of orange marmalade that would really top off the chicken flavor. So you’ll want to add 4 – 5 T. orange marmalade to chicken skillet. Stir. Cook til rice is done…And dance! Season with freshly ground pepper and sea salt. Serve over rice. Enjoy! Serves 4 – 6.


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