Teen says, “I can sell anything!”

Tyler Nelson. Photo Credit: ©2013 Debbie Nelson. All rights reserved.

Tyler Nelson is an entrepreneur. His first business was selling homemade chocolate chip cookies to the mailman. He sold used golf balls to golfers. Tyler learned to operate a sewing machine to create animal-ear fleece hats; and yes, he did have a lemonade stand. He threw everyone for a loop when he started taking orders for AVON as his Junior year Business Project.

Since ’99, I have promoted the success of others, using Zig Ziglar’s philosophy, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”  The Ziglar approach is already in action,  as I facilitate his Lifestyle of Learning (our homeschool name) with Social Media support.

AVON, known for direct selling via brochures, has online storefronts. Your own business can be started for just $10. Until 1999, a man was at the helm of AVON.  Being a male selling AVON presented Tyler with the opportunity to experience customer service challenges in a predominantly female setting. He faced criticism and chiding from relatives and friends, and set the example of being proud of hard work and excellent customer service. I’d say that Defines Success!



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