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Tramp Safety

Facts About Trampoline Accidents.      by Tyler Nelson

Over 148,000 people in 2008 were injured, and in 2009, nearly 100,000 people were injured as well. Most of these have been due to a lack of a net around the trampoline. Even with a net around it, it is stillImage a dangerous thing to play on.

Trampolines are meant to be a “1 person at a time” thing. Having more than 1 person on it can be dangerous. How? The chances increase of them bumping each other off and causing an accident or serious injury.

Never leave a child unattended while on the trampoline because anything could happen. Even though the injuries have dropped over the years, the trampoline is still unsafe, with or without a safety net.

Recently I got on a trampoline with 3 other kids. We didn’t put up the net, but we did put up the springs cover. Thankfully no one got hurt.

Next time, I will follow the safety guidelines.


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