Tramp Safety: Facts About Trampoline Accidents

by Tyler Nelson

Facts about trampoline accidents: Over 148,000 people in 2008 were injured, and in 2009, nearly 100,000 people were injured as well. Most of these have been due to a lack of a net around the trampoline. Even with a net around it, it is still

Tyler Nelson. Photo Credit: ©2013 Debbie Nelson. All rights reserved.

a dangerous thing to play on.

Trampolines are meant to be a “1 person at a time” thing. Having more than 1 person on it can be dangerous. How? The chances increase of them bumping each other off and causing an accident or serious injury.

Never leave a child unattended while on the trampoline because anything could happen. Even though the injuries have dropped over the years, the trampoline is still unsafe, with or without a safety net.

Recently I got on a trampoline with 3 other kids. We didn’t put up the net, but we did put up the springs cover. Thankfully no one got hurt.

Next time, I will follow the safety guidelines.


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