Who DOESN’T Want To Be A Millionaire?

by Debbie Nelson

Media Frenzy: when the MegaMillions is half a billion dollars.  My oldest son told me once, “If you win just a million, once a penny is spent, you’re no longer be a millionaire.” He’s got a point! You need a plan. Business & life aren’t separate.   Grant Cardone’s “Grant Rant”  talks about having a millionaire mindset.  My approach: “101 Things I’d Like To Do In My Lifetime”. I’ve been doing this LONG before “The Bucket List” went mainstream. My approach is totally pro-active; it’s how to live right here, right now.

Cover of "The Bucket List"
Cover of The Bucket List

Jot a few quick wishes. First 25 are easy, then it’s challenging. Think about what you truly want. Plan ahead.  Network.  Be prepared.

My perspective: Do what I love – Social Media & occasionally reviewing  movies. Lottery or not, have a solid plan on how to make money work for me.

Moving toward my millions, I have a Social Media list: Facebook, TwitterPinterest, LinkedIn. Do you have a list?

With Social Media: Success.   Without Social Media: Epic Fail. It’s just that simple!



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