New Beginnings. Literally!

Is it a coincidence that the teams in the 2012 Superbowl create a party theme of red, white, and blue?!

by Debbie Nelson

New Year’s rolled around, as my boys & I bid farewell to 2011 & our good friends in the backyard of their suburban Atlanta home. Both scenes had at least one little boy unwilling to hold a sparkler but loving the excitement and magic of the sparkling lights against the night sky.  Adorable childlike wonder. The perfect silver & gold evening – make new friends but keep the old. (Anyone know that favorite Girl Scout round?)

It’s a new year. New job. New state. New house. New friends. Heck, we even have a new dog. New beginnings can be unsettling, uprooting, tiring, and painstaking. At the same time, it is exhilarating, full of anticipation, a lot of exploring and discovery.  Some days feeling lost, other days  casually wandering. Some days organizing. Some days avoiding the unpacked bins! Alternating between feeling the joy of being invited somewhere by a new friend, and the longing to meet for coffee with friends too far away.

2012 could very well be the end of the world as we know it. That would be fine with us. There are plenty of things in the world as we knew it which desperately needed to come to an end.  And they have. We’ve parted ways with faces and places. We’ve lightened our personal belongings, and learned how to be selective in all things big and small.

Facebook  and texting keeps us close to the best part of our Living-Across-America experience – the friends we’ve made along the way.  Our family theme is LOL (Lifestyle of Learning) and since laughter is the best medicine, you bet we often laugh out loud! We’ve made it to this new beginning, and that’s quite a success.



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