You Are What You Drive… Really?

by Debbie Nelson

Here’s a cool little documentary by Harrod Blank – Automorphosis – which takes this concept to an entirely different level. These people are indeed what they drive, and they’ve thoroughly enjoyed making their automobile an extension of themselves. Here’s their Facebook: Automorphosis

If we are what we eat, then does it follow that we are what we drive?  That’s what makes luxury sports cars so appealing – half the time their sales people look like models. Appearance counts.

Yours Truly, Debbie Nelson. Photo Credit: ©2011 Steven Barlok. All rights reserved.

Dropped off my car for service – really needed that oil change done. Truth be told – YES, I wanted that free interior clean out.  Instead, I spent the day talking to a few key people, asking me a few key questions.  What began as a simple oil change for a free vacuuming, turned into a shiny bright red brand new car that night. Your Social Media presence can change THAT quickly.

I used to drive a SUV, so being low to the road made me feel less commanding. However, the gas savings have far exceeded my expectations, so I’ve altered my perception from commanding to sporty – zipping here & there with ease.  Although budget does affect my choices, I have to admit, I am a lot like what I drive. Does your business give that appearance of success? Let’s make it happen!


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