Lil’ Something for the Ladies…

by Debbie Nelson

It has to be said: I hate buying cars. Do you hate dealing with Social Media?

I’d really like some feedback: How many other women out there feel the same? How many business owners or Sales Reps feel the same way about Social Media? It’s new and confuses a lot of people who would really benefit.

I saw the ins and outs of retail side of the automotive industry for 16 years. I recognize the steps to the sale & most of all, I know car guys really like to “skip the sizzle & get to the steak.” But I would like to keep a few dollars in my wallet so I can go grab a steak to throw on the grill to celebrate buying a new car.  Just like you want fantastic Social Media without breaking the bank. That’s where Define Success comes in – I can make it happen for you.

Here’s a great video from through dealerELITE.  How to Buy a Car  It features Lisa Copeland, sharing excellent tips directed to the ladies. Check it out… and don’t forget to leave me some feedback on my question!


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