It’s Not an Escort Service, It’s a Cinderella Story!

Wearable glass slippers! Be sure to see for more info!

by Debbie Nelson

You have created a business that you are proud of.  You’d like to get in on the latest trends. You’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Social Media and aren’t sure how to navigate through the sea of sites. It’s all Greek dot com to you!

It’s time to bring in the Godmother to transform a pumpkin into a coach, the mice who have been scurrying to get things done into the horses that will pull the coach, and escort your business directly to the center of public attention.

In the Sea of Social Media Suitors (try saying that fast three times!), which workhorses will make the strongest impact? Let’s take The Big Two first: Facebook & Twitter.

You see Facebook signs popping up all over the place in store windows & on business cards. But you’ve never done Facebook before. Isn’t that for college kids?

That’s how Facebook began, but now it offers the biggest free platform to be seen that ever existed. Friends, neighbors, and people you’ve never met who live in and around your target market can see you on Facebook and it won’t cost you a cent if you have time to do it yourself.

Get a chatter going about your business by utilizing Twitter. Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore took Twitter use through the roof when they endorsed it and heavily used the site to let people know about social issues that matter to them. The celebrity couple gave Twitter credibility as the most current, easily accessible media to get the word out about everything from fun to help during disaster.

Now for the other two members of this escort team…

To show us the way, let’s network with other businesspeople and business owners. Begin networking B2B (Business to Business) through  Start collecting business cards at every local get together for small businesses. Then link up so you’ll be LinkdIn. Also free if you have the time.

Finally, a way to announce vocally that you’re on the way, that you have arrived, and continue to mingle after everyone wants to know more about you:

What? Seriously? you might think. That’s for music videos. Music is only one side to the sparkle YouTube can give to a business. Video content is engaging and once people see your videos, see what your business is all about, meet you not only through a photo online but see you or your representatives, they will tell others. Even if you have never done a video before, it’s simple and easy now with web cam or even phone video recording.

And now for this debut of your business, what will you wear? How will your business be recognized? What will distinctively set it apart? Think glass slipper who comes to mind? Cinderella.

Corporate Imaging is what was first referred to as corporate branding or brand imaging. The goal is to have everything your company does reflect the same logo, by-line, and slogan. It makes your company easily recognizable so people see your brand and know it’s from a company who can be trusted.

For instance, if a new company such as Sarah Beaugez Designs chose a three letter monogram as the company logo, whenever we saw that monogram on a photo, jewelry ad, or anything else she might set your creativity to, we would know – “Oh that’s from Sarah Beaugez Designs.”

Social Media is the Escort Team that delivers the Corporate Image to the public on a regular & consistant basis so that your company becomes recognizable and takes its rightful place among successful businesses.

And they lived Happily Ever After!


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